Happy Year of the Rabbit! And Many Happy Endings!

Gongxi facai, planeteers! Seems we’re finally getting to the end of the longest, and noisiest, public holiday I’ve ever seen in my entire life. It’s been pretty ambivalent, though. With all the locals having left either for the south (mostly Thailand, Bali, Australia) or gone up north to Siberian ski resorts (who can possibly want more cold than this, here?) or the other 6 million Shanghai residents, who went to see their families in other provinces, the city resembled something more like Gotham. So, yay! For the first time did I not fear for my life when crossing the street at a green light! What a delight. But the firecrackers and fireworks, of course…those homemade bastardos, those kept us awake night and day.

They were huge and everywhere and since most of us live in high-rise buildings, we had the best views all the time and at various parts of town. Just on the side note, you know, made me wonder how come that our humble government back home (home? sic!) spends millions of dollars each year on the August 20th celebrations whereas here we see much bigger (ad hoc! more fun!) spectacles by these sneaky clever hans, who know how to do some DIY fireworks properly, despite the fact that: a) it is, of course, illegal in Shanghai b) no one knows when and where it starts and c) safety measures being completely ignored, no one is warned where to stand/hide/find some trenches, if  one happens to walk by some buckets on the pavement, full of clandestine sky-craze-kaleidoscope-show stuff.

Bueno. Hungaritos corrupt the fireworks budget, Los Chinos sweep the number of casualties under the (big red) carpet.

Anyhoo, have a very happy new year, hare hare, hip hip! Happy endings? Well, if you really, just want massage, ask around your Chinese friends beforehand or check out their website. (I can recommend the Blind People’s Association.) Otherwise you can always just follow the Holy Grail sign.

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