Adult Health Comedy of the Day – Red Light Revolution

I walk to and fro school every day and diligently pass by two PG toy shops on the way. One is a run-down shack (on Maoming Lu/Weihai Lu), the other is an already healthier looking corner convenience catered by a 50-something-year old Ursula resembling a nurse from a 70s Check TV series. (Hospital at the End of the City. Choose one and imagine the head-kerchief off her head).

Lola, my liebling Spanish bar, holds regular film screenings and this one was genuinely funny. I wonder what the stories are behind the two above mentioned. At this not so small place, we sat through the whole thing on the floor (bueno, on our hunkers, leaning, squatting – I really still hope for some space in this city?) but all discomfort was blown away by the humour.

Have the chance, see it. And buy one.


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