Korean eatery on Wujiang Lu (Metro West Nanjing, exit 3)

They opened on San Silvestre and couldn’t have made it better since. Lunch time queues are daily sights and it often resembles, from the inside, a washing machine tumbling my wardrobeful of disco shirts. And yes, Casey was right last time, especially on tranquil days like this, feels like sitting in your 12-year old niece’s bedroom.

All the food´s MSG free, prices are (even senior) student friendly, the owner remembers you from 3 weeks before (HellothisiswhatyouhadlasttimeMSGfree. You’vealreadyhadthatonceMSGfree) plus you’re given the choice of metal or wooden chopsticks (fishing for edibles in the soup with the typical, slippery, Korean silvery sticks is, quite a challenge, really).

Bueno, let´s see. Personally, I´d go for 年糕 (Niangao – all year round New Year cake, which is from glutinous rice flour, looks like a small savoury pancake on a stick) and the less spicy soup, which (the image you will see, point it out you must – it does look less spicy in the picture menu and the guy speaks good English so you can double check – isn’t he as asset?) is made of dill, reminds me of home.

Link to their website as soon as they make one.

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