Barbarossa Lounge – People Square

The third nook of the local Bermuda Triangle. (On Kathleen´s 5 see the next entry). You can sip on some great German wheat beer while watching Mordor changing colours (or Mordor watching over you changing colours – sitting by the lake you´ll get a super tan,  plus you´ll be given an extra blush by the spicy dishes and mosquitos).

True, it is yet another romantic corner of the city, so much so that it´s scraping the sentimental. The short, private passageway that leads you to the entrance along the water may become a very interactive experience – I wonder how many monkeys have curious incidents here after a drink or two, skipping and slipping on those stones at nighttime!

The biggest surprise is, however, that this is literally Shanghai´s nucleus yet the surrounding manages to be quiet and relaxing. In a park it is, granted, but the preposition is a bit loose here  – it´s right at the edge of it, tucked between two mega-noisy roads.

Dare exit 11 (while still underground, turn a blind eye to the fake goods all along, give a dime  to the chap begging and headbanging at the bottom of the escalator), turn a sharp left, enter the park and find this Moroccan style restaurant – which, apart form some suspiciously non-tradtional sounding dishes, i.e. Spring Rolls – is quite authentic. Really. Especially the roof tent where you, ladies, would want to go on Thursday nights! Free jaffa and red Ribena squash (Godknowswhatbutservesthepurpose – garrafon) cocktails.

Morose staff, I agree, who (all the 6 or 7 of them) seem to enjoy puffing on the company´s shisha, standing in the dim corner, busy chatting and trying not to notice you, but. If you like sitting on bar stools, appreciate quality ambience lighting and hear your own voice while talking, this is your stowaway trip to inebrium.


Inside People’s Park,
231 Nanjing Xi Lu,
near Huangpi Nan Lu

(Entrance between Starbucks and Shanghai Art Museum)

METRO: People´s Square


Daily, 11am-late

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