The Light and the Tunnel. Freud, Analyse This.

Leaving Puxi (yerrr, it is pronounced with an s though  it´s so first month to bring this up by now) let´s see, can happen in many ways now. Up until a few years ago there´d been no subways to the other side of the Huang Pu river. ¨The Farm Landers¨ as Puxians mock the first settlers next door. Anyhoo, it took long hours for commuters to come and go between the two parts of the city (I mean when things started to happen at all in the ¨eastern Pu¨ for which it´d be worth for the city to build some infrastructure. You know, before Jing Mao, the Bottle Opener, Expo and Tom Cruise swinging downwards on the Bank of China headquarters). Well, now there are bridges and many lines underground, one of which, is quite a weirdo.

Nobody really knows what the concept behind the ¨Lightseeing¨ Tunnel (sorry, couldn´t resist) is but if you have 40 kuai (5 EUR) to burn then just why not. Gets you to the Pudong side of the Bund and ooh, Pudong Sex Culture Museum and Hooters will be waiting for you at the nearby block. And Super Brand Mall, SH´s latest super high-end shopping ground, which was dead empty back in October when I was there first. According to my local friend, at the beginning, people were intimidated to go in due to its overly luxurious image. It´s been embraced by locals since then, I was there last month – ha! the night when I lost my virginity to KTV – and I quite liked the ambience. Sure, deffo not a hippy place but since I managed to get myself some vocal cord smoothing tea under 10 kuai I guess we can call it student purse proof.  (Once, I was lucky enough to be invited for a family dinner at the Golden Bull, one of its restaurants on the top floor. Their Vietnamese dishes are great (moving palatumbound both literally and tastewise) and since I was still running on Spain mode back then, was  over the moon for anything even remotely reminding me of it.)

Bueno. The Attraction. Apart from the confusion about its message, the sight is also wrongly called pedestrian tunnel (you sit on a train, no? So why hide this?)

Anybody liked Jamie and the Magic Torch? I mean before the chocolate puffing.

See the light, peep earl!

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