Blue Sky Blues

Been humming this Kate Bush song for the past three days now. Made me think about the weather here (and those times when MTV finally became accessible in Hungary and its video was haunting me for months) and I´d been intending to write about the climate here anyway.

So, first the video, then the verbal eyewash. God, I miss Madrid and its blue skies!

There´s an ongoing joke amongst Shanghainites (popping up in various circles at random moments) that the sky is, sometimes, blue here when the factories happen to be temporarily switched off during a bigwig´s visit with Jack Bauer-category security. Our Italian classmate, Antonio, took this one step further last week by saying that scientists spray the sky with some chemicals so as to prevent rains at mega-important prop parades. I bet he bought salt, too! Sorry, that´s just the Beavis side of me. But then again, there are those who´d shoot at the moon, so why not.

Actually, and no one who was staying here last October can deny this, the difference in pollution was clearly visible after the EXPO ended. There was no bright sun for a few weeks. The omnipresent thick layer of grey smudge makes the most stunning, Turner like, sunsets, but, apart from that, I hold on tight to my face mask on a regular basis. Interestingly, on sunny days, there seem to be a plethora of umbrellas held up in the air, protecting people´s skin from the slightest tan, which would represent a working class background.

Al fin, I loved this when I came upon it the other day. Slightly out of context, but anyhoo, more about blue skies, Baudelaire (are the furtive pleasures farther than China?) and anarchism here.

I´m not sad but wandering.

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