Meeting Melting Pot (上海市泰康路288号) Tonight.

Been a bit under the weather lately so Timi decided to take me clubbing and knock me out of my cave-mood a little. I listened to the video last night and I find this guy´s (genderbending) voice mesmerizing. Our rocker´s name, Ping An, when pronounced at least since I don´t know how he writes it, sounds like peace and quiet in Chinese.

So, I´m off to Korea town now to have a quick tutoring session with Andy, the most ingenious 14-year old character ever, then jump on a 5-kuai (60 eurocent) scooter taxi (illegal as hell) and rush to Tai Kang lu to see this. Anyone wanna join? Ojalá…

288 Melting Pot (马尔廷吧(泰康路)
NO.288, Taikang Lu, Shanghai, 上海市泰康路288号
200025 Luwan District

Not so blue anymore.

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