Random Moments in the French Concession

You know I walk here a lot. Home to my school, libraries, book stores and cafés (with their hot croissants and red bean scones), this is deffo the area for my usual hang-outs. So, I decided to show you some images I capture during my countless hours of wandering. I hope it´ll transmit its atmosphere, which I find quite remarkably unique. A charming little Europe in the heart of China´s financial centre so I manage to tuck my homesickness in my back pocket for a while. The lower, and older, buildings give this area some air and sense of comfort.  And some Chinese humour on the side note which is more and more gripping, actually. The most warming thing to do on a cold winter afternoon is to buy a sweet (jacket) potato off a street cart on some corner, eating it while roaming and hearing Besame, Besame Mucho blaring from a makeshift CD shop…wait for it…on a street cart.

These guys (one of them stationed just down the classroom window) run/pedal fast at the sight of a policeman thus don´t quite like to linger at a spot for longer than a few minutes. (Except when I see them chat and smoke and spit sunflower seeds, all in perfect harmony).

So, voilá, let´s see this one on Xinle Lu. Legendary.

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