WordPress-China Conspiracy? The Eternal Paranoia of a Blogger’s Mind


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Ryan M.
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It’s time I stretched my knuckles, sit my butt on a chair and welcome myself back on my blogito. After a stupefied period of about 3 months, while I was busy alternating between the mood swings of whogivesadamnIwillwriteanewandbetteronenext and then (at times with the same breath) damnImissitandwhydidntImakebackupcopies, I´d been pretty convinced that my blog must have been censored as an end result of some bilateral agreement between WordPress and Big China Important Boys at Politburo, Inc.. Well, the answer is much more prosaic than that.  Still, wouldn´t one get suspicious that, apart from WP, all else is off in the Middle Kingdom’s cyberspace, even the more obscure, or internationally practically decypherable, Hungarian blogs, as they contain the taboo ¨b¨ word. So, yep, it is true (a number of friends were still incredulous in Europe when I told them during my holidays now), in China one cannot access Youtube, Picasa, Facebook nor Twitter and gmail and BBC tend to go down (or get frustratingly sluggish) for, very long, weeks. The futuristic Harmonious Society chooses to network on domestic, r-go more controllable, domains. (Those interested see: sina-blog. Note that Chinese people are the most enthusiastic and prolific bloggers in the world).

But. About my little precious. Turns out they´d (WP) simply presumed it was some trash/spam r-go destined to be shafted without letting the humble blogamind behind it know beforehand.
First, to be completely honest, I rubbed a few, but fat, teardrops off my eyes and stared into openness with huge emptiness. But then again, nessing is impossible, right?
By the time I figured a way to beg my site (sight?) back (obvio, it was easy once WP opened some channels where common people can get into contact with them), my ego had tripped full circle with my pride floating in a breeze of free speech on and within some revolutionary mirage where my creation (hombre, my brainchild!) got caught (was worthy enough to) in eyes of the ever so diligent masons of the Great Firewall Of China and the, in the hope of gradually English speaking Chinese bloggers, willingly collaborating WP stylists.

Anyhoo, ego there or not, splendid poetry-mongering to and fro, it´s good to be back. Thank you, WordPress.

And Cuello can put it in his pocket, it is sometimes the result, not the way towards it, that matters.

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2 Responses to WordPress-China Conspiracy? The Eternal Paranoia of a Blogger’s Mind

  1. Manyi says:

    We are really glad that you are back!

  2. judy says:

    A whole blog as a spam? Túl átlátszó! Szerintem amikor látták, hogy milyen befolyásos barátaid vannak Magyarországon, jobbnak látták, ha nem packáznak veled :-).

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