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Cao Fei’s Photography and the Hip Hop Proletariat. (This one for Burgler, the biggest fan of Hip Hop I´ve met.)

 „Today, perhaps the most spectacular event that one can enjoy watching, and be moved by both emotionally and intellectually, is China’s rapid and immense urbanisation. At the turn of the millenium, it is fascinating to witness the emergence of a … Continue reading

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A Pinch of Mellow Fruitfulness. Expat Life for Dummies, Part 2.

This bit is dedicated to those who love summer dreaming, take off to an actual or fantasy journey, and, through the looking glass, like to explore/challenge/get lost over one’s mindset toward the occasional perplexity of an unknown environment. And to … Continue reading

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Mutant 2-inch guy

Bad Guy of the Day I bumped into this barbarian this morning in my garden. Anybody’s got any idea what this can be? I find it fascinating though that, at a close-up, he is hollow inside! I’ve named it Bug … Continue reading

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Culture Doesn’t Differ but Rhyme. Expat Life for Dummies. Part 1.

Ante Scriptum: some of you have pointed out that sometimes my writings seem to contain grammatical and/or spelling errors or the meaning or the impact of a message simply doesn’t shine through. In order to attend to this problemito, I … Continue reading

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