Cao Fei’s Photography and the Hip Hop Proletariat. (This one for Burgler, the biggest fan of Hip Hop I´ve met.)

 „Today, perhaps the most spectacular event that one can enjoy watching, and be moved by both emotionally and intellectually, is China’s rapid and immense urbanisation. At the turn of the millenium, it is fascinating to witness the emergence of a new generation of urban dwellers as the driving force behind this veritable revolution. Young, independent, with a fondness for individual choice and freedom, acting in flexible and spontaneous ways, enjoying risk and adventure, and challenging all established rules and morality, they call themselves „Brand-New Human Beings¨ (xinxin renlei). To achieve and express individual freedom of thinking, judging and acting, they voluntarily and passionately embrace the new technologies and visual culture offered by contemporary information and consumer society. At the same time, they are having to deal with the increasingly serious alienation and solitude generated by the „new values” of urban and commercial society. Their totally new environment presents them with new pleasures, anxieties and idioms. It also provides new territory for cultural and artistic experiments and  targets for criticism.” 

Hou Hanrou´s preaface to Cao Fei´s PRD Anti-Heroes.


Cao Fei  ¨A cosplayer  who recounts alternative histories.¨

 The following passages are taken from a book entitled Cao Fei: PRD Anti-Heroes, a photo collection from an exhibition held at Musem Het Domein Sittard in 2006.

„Common-placed Hip Hop. Proletariat Hip Hop. Non-Youth Hip Hop. Non-Trendy Hip Hop. Hip Hop is a music which humorously expresses negative energy, it is popular yet it belongs to the public. Hip Hop comes from the street, from the lower class, it is marked by proletarians. Hip Hop is a kind of accusation, is a means to express one’s depression and refers to social reality. Hip Hop Project endeavours to combine Hip Hop with different cultures and give Hip Hop s realistic meaning, to let Hip Hop that comes from the common go back to ordinary people, go back to doubting and questioning reality.

Hip is butt, Hop is a move. Hip Hop is the dance of moving one’s butt. Hip Hop Project makes everyone (not only the young ones) interpret Hip Hop through their bodies, feel and relieve in Hip Hop and outline the true contour of a city.”

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