Andie Bird

Allo, guys. This is my answer to all my fanatic little students who keep raving about THE app. of the year. No slingshot. Way too mundane.

Birdie kind-a weird? May very well be. Alas, my world, momentarily, may also very well be.

Spoiled kids and their apple products there or not, I’ve had a pretty rough few days (some routine pop-ups on my agenda, i.e. quitting the workplace where we’d been planning a business partnership for a year, deciding to move flats yet one more time, burning all my pasta, splitting with mi amor chino and spotting a 3-inch, bueno, no euphemism this time, cockroach IN my bed the other day. And all these within 2 solid days) thus, in order to relax, I’ve decided to harass my friends for a little bit of verbal TLC, I doodle (the modern way) and buy huge, penguin-shaped, balloons from the corner cart-dude on the way home after work.

No anglee, smaire. Evelysin’ will teln out ok, yoo’ll see.

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