More Reminiscing at Blogiversary Time

These pictures were taken exactly a year ago at the most multicultural
party in my life. As an Hungarita, a newbee in China from Spain, where
I worked at an American company, I found myself one evening sitting at
Xintiandi’s Paulaner with a bunch of guys from Shanghai’s Honeywell.
The live band of Tai chicks were zapping between American and Brit
pop, I was munching some pommfritt and Wienersnitzel Bayern style and
tried my best to keep up with some great German wheat beer, that
Chinese waitresses served dressed in traditional folk attire
(Resembling, rather intuitively, pretty farmer Lolitas from a Tiroli
PG rated and/or Milka commercial). Chatting across the table quickly
became more and more fluid and got pleasantly embroidered with the
laughter of my new friends, who were locals from Shanghai and expats
from London and Bangalore.

Had the time of my life. I miss you, Wilfred, nobody’s doing the robot
dance with me here!

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