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Toy Machine With Cigarettes


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Man Swimming in the Suzhou River in November

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Norton, We Have a Problem

My laptop´s decided to turn the screen 90 degrees the other day. Works but takes ages to move the mouse anywhere!

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Woman in my Lap!

A woman of roughly 50 years of age and about 70 kilos of weight sat down, literally, in my lap on the subway the other day. Ok, some details quickly. It´s always rush-hour in Shanghai. You´re allowed to dream of … Continue reading

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How to Describe your Classmate (A 12 year-old boy)

Andie: Andy (I know), tell me about your best friend in school. Describe him in English, ok? Andy (After about 3 long minutes): Well, he has dark brown hair and ADD. Andie: ? Andy: Better than ADHD, that´d be terrible, … Continue reading

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On Mo Yan´s Life and Death are Wearing me Out

Beijing resident Mò Yán (莫言) completed this epic doozie in 43 days. He is not only one of the most popular contemporary writers in China but the one his fellow countrymen pirate-copy the most, too. I love his name, which … Continue reading

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Two Moments

Two, both taken by friends. (I think I badly need a camera now). One was just before Halloween, when I met up with Casey in The Secret Recipe for dinner at which turned up with a huge bundle of costumes … Continue reading

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