Bandu Café, Moganshan lu

If I overlook the About section where an rather offset tale reads (see below), I must call it my perfect little coffee shop. Tucked amongst Moganshan Galleries, they offer the best soy beans noodle I’ve ever eaten. Seriously.

Lion and Fox

Fox is good at laying babies, she lays 8 to 10 each time to up to 16 at most. One day, not long after she finished her labor, she came across a female lion. She laughed at the lion, “my dear lion, look at how many cute babies I had again, unlike you, bearing only one each time.” The lion replied while stretching her back up,” But what I bear, is after all a lion.”

Although Dan was not convinced last time, our soaring enthusiasm about the place did not suffer the least from this. All right, it might be the noodles that pamper the Western taste, but what the hell. Slurp it, if you may, together with Crysanthemum Tea – not only for the flavour but when ordering it gives you a good 20 minutes of amusement trying to pronunce the word properly. And then my friends would have to listen to my raving about Ruth Benedict’s book and my annoyingly bold hints at the resemblence of the Japanese and Chinese psyches. My local friends, quite understandably, never really appreciate this, however academically put.

The main reason I’m such a Bandu Cafe fan is that all seem to fit. It’s about a 10-minute walk from Timi’s house (where I usually linger at weekends), the food, the Chrrr…Chreesa…so the tea and all the arty-farsty galleries and bookstores in the graffity-clad surrounding. Service is slow as it gets but by the time you’re finished with pasta you’re as chilled as the the music they make in their studios so who cares.

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