Andie at the Gates to Wonderland

I had a rather surreal encounter in the misty November the other night. Upon arriving back home from a late class in Korea Town (which is diagonally at the other end of this megatown so robs 2 hours from my life each way to get there), first I crawl out, on energy-save mode, of the make-shift motorised rickshaw and then pass through the campus gates.

As I walk I give a call to Timi and go off venting my China moment, giving the usual uninhabited version of my detailed miseries of the day, fully enjoying my voice undulating in the silent, dark fog when there appears a huge white rabbit in front of me on the shiny asphalt.

I stop both my feet, and mouth, from moving automatically to just stand and eye the monster at length, then quickly remember that my friend´s in the line, so whisper her the full report of the panorama. After we hang up I can lend this furry whiteness my full attention and can´t help but reeling back in my worn-out mind those paragraphs from Alice´s story from which I dictated a big chunk an hour before. (tell me spelling isn´t every pupil´s favourite).

It wasn´t this rabbit but this image has been waiting on hold on my desktop for a good cause (and a relating blog entry) to finally meet its destiny and make fame amongst us now.

Bueno. My campus rabbit. It was sheer white. So white you never really see in Shanghai and it almost glowed in the suburban evening smog. Before it skipped away, with one ear up and one down, it stopped and had a look at me, maybe pondering for a minute whether he should take me to a mad tea party and then skurried away towards the bushes that serves as a fence between the school grounds and the elevated highways.

Was better than a 2-dimensional lullaby and I didn´t even need to drink from any magic bottle for it.

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