Two Moments

Two, both taken by friends. (I think I badly need a camera now). One was just before Halloween, when I met up with Casey in The Secret Recipe for dinner at which turned up with a huge bundle of costumes and accessories. I tried the wig on while we were waiting for our table. I don´t know which is more in contrast here, my dark brows against the pinkness or my white bra glowing from beneath my grey top. (Not part of any fancy dress).

The other one is an embarrassing story and I really hope Starbucks won´t hunt me down if they bump into this image. Florie, one of my French classmates, wanted to show me some of her favourite spots in Shanghai last Sunday. In between a great (and super-cheap) lunch at a Xingjiang canteen and bag shopping at a fake market, we wanted to have a quick espresso somewhere close. Since it was impossible to find a free table anywhere and were in a hurry anyway, we had this idea of finishing up our drinks in the car instead.

I saw the taxi waiting a few meters ahead so we cut through the crowd and popped in. I muzzled my moral for a second and honestly, just enjoyed the moment. We left the noise behind and it was as if unplugging the stereo all of a sudden: we were sitting and slowly moved away from that urban chaos, stealing just a momentary lapse of tranquility before we got whirled into the 4-story mega-kitsch cosmos of original fakes. Speaking of theft. Occasionally.

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One Response to Two Moments

  1. youKnowWho says:

    No problem! If the guilt gets to you, just wash them and leave them on a table the next time you visit. :o)

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