Woman in my Lap!

A woman of roughly 50 years of age and about 70 kilos of weight sat down, literally, in my lap on the subway the other day.

Ok, some details quickly. It´s always rush-hour in Shanghai. You´re allowed to dream of sitting down at one point. If you´re ready to attempt to put your butt down at some point, beware of the other hundred commuters fighting for the same spot. They are not afraid of physical closeness. Personal space has a different touch to it here.

After I stared (at her) and she stared (into the air in front of her) for a minute, I gave up and stood up. And I stood above her for the rest of the journey. Then I put on my noise cancelling headphones (ever-so grateful to John for them) and The National´s saved the moment’s grace for the rest of the day.

World peace.

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2 Responses to Woman in my Lap!

  1. juditnz says:

    If a Chinese woman looks 50 and 70 kgs, she must have been at least 70 and very-very fat – 🙂 poor Andika

  2. Oh, no. There´s a growing number of fatties here. You know, as the direct consequence of the sudden economic boom and the unfathomable popularity of KFC here. Paul French has published a book on this recently: http://books.google.com/books?id=GafXlU9SrPkC&dq=Paul+French&ie=ISO-8859-1&source=gbs_gdata

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