Norton, We Have a Problem

My laptop´s decided to turn the screen 90 degrees the other day. Works but takes ages to move the mouse anywhere!

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5 Responses to Norton, We Have a Problem

  1. juditnz says:

    Mine did a 180 turn – my dear baby managed to do it somehow, by “paskolni” the keyboard. She loves to hit my keyboard with her palm and usually makes things happen that I never knew were possible. I had to ask Gyuri to look up in Google how to turn it back, it was a three-key-combination. Of course it works technically, but it was REALLY annoying to drive the mouse.
    How did you come out of it?

  2. I haven´t touched it in a while and have been using my Toshiba 🙂

  3. Manyi says:

    Any of you heard about the “Rotate Screen” function? It is easy to change it back with the Display Settings.

  4. youKnowWho says:

    Here you go:

    Press + ( or or or as appropriate)

    Your photo says Acer and Google is your friend, but only if you are allowed to access it. :o)

  5. youKnowWho says:

    Bah! The usual way of ‘writing’ key caps is to enclose them with the less than or greater than symbols. Trust WordPress to assume it’s xml and to filer it out. <:(

    Try again: Press {ctrl} + {alt} + {left arrow}
    (or {right arrow}, or {up arrow}, or {down arrow} as appropriate)

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