Ting Bu Dong Mandarin Language School

Whenever there was a break in my school I went to Vicky to help me prevent my Chinese grammar amnesia. She’s one of the most genuine teachers I’ve ever met and last week I decided to switch to her classes entirely (from the college near the Old People Uni, which means a move also from their canteen food to a random Subway sandwich bar somewhere between the Line 2 subway and her door). She’s fluent in English and can explain the minuscule differences between slang expressions and is the type who sends your emails and texts back to you corrected just because she’s bothered by your grammar mistakes. So, anyone needs a good Mandarin tutor, she’s deffo a yes-go!

The picture was taken last week at her annual party for her students and friends. I don’t remember the name of the bar but I do remember how cold it was that day, which the staff intended to compensate with some nice happy hour offer (for the whole night): 4 cocktails for 120 RMB (roughly 12 EUR). Btw, Vicky in the picture is the girl at the bottom, getting a kiss from the sides.

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