Christmas Eve with Friends

Blog writing’s ying-yang has apparently got under my skin lately since I cannot let go of the fact that there are some events (aspects, bits and pieces, part and parcel) in my life that I simply cannot share with you here. While, on the one hand, it’s thrilling to be able to sit and write and know that you’ll read this in real time, I also need to be careful and keep relatively decent and refrain from howling our humour into the virtual cosmos. Thus, I will not go into details why, lately, most jokes and gifts involve, somehow, cats. My closest friend here, Timi, and I often address each other with cat names (occasionally pig names, depending on the amount of meals we happen to score that day). But the feline-obsession also comes in different sizes, materializing onto different shapes, like a badge or two (ok, 4 at least), or a shoulder bag every now and then.

Eventually it also emerged as a real animal, an American short-hair without the boots. Timi says it reminds her of me.

Plus, last Saturday I got one more piece to enrich my collection: a huge, furry, borderline Dadaist, shoulder bag from Timi and Ivan for Xmas. (Photo here soon). Until then 2 other pictures I took that night will suffice.

I must say, I could rave about Ivan’s cooking just as much as I did about Shangri-La’s dishes. After everyone opened their presents (at one point we were all flailing with a polaroid snapshot in our hand in order to dry them) and the chaos seemed to subdue somewhat, we all sat down and started a 2-hour devouring. Both the Solomillo in Mustard Sauce and the lemon-fish were amazing – shame he refuses to share the secret recipe! I’m lucky to spend my weekends there so I had a second helping of the pescado for lunch. Much appreciated, together with the red wine and the cheese cakes from Baker and Spice. I was lunching, munching the x-helping of fish with the lemon sauce, while watching Ivan quietly placing the mini-photos we took the night before on the Xmas tree as decorations. (I so see myself what I’ll buy on next)

I’ve heroically washed all the dishes – as a humble attempt to make a small contribution of effort for the great Xmas evening these guys had put together.

Great times Zcuzcu, and a special thanks for everything; the cats, the pressies and forever grateful for Chef Ivan for the delicious dishes!

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