Shanghai’s Pale Wave. Shanghai’s Healthy Restaurants and Their Interior

It might be just me or Shanghai does seem to hire the same interior designer for dressing new bakeries and Western-style goodforyou-burger bars. Baker and Spice, Wagas (ok, having the same owner explains it), but Origin and Kush?

We, people from far-away lands, all at one point get tired of Dim Sum and fungi soup. We crave familiar dishes or just want to think we finally send down a healthy pie now and some healthy rye then (produced in the same soil as all the rest, so I wonder). Yet, I’m not sure we’d never get saturated by seeing the same colour-palette of cushions and wooden benches in many a different Western locals around town.

The Bo Concept minimalism/neo-Bauhaus neat-cut edges, combined with the friendlier  shades of wood, true, vary somewhat, from dark to a blonde oak effect and yes, the pale cushions/paddings are dutifully there (which, I guess, go well with the cucumber smoothie and grass juice).

The ubiquitous wooden benches, faded colours and chromatic melodies sing to a neo-hippy/global citizen era, where Nescafe albums undulate in the air, over the ingredients from the Pudong organic farm. Bueno, I guess I shouldn’t say anything, I’m going to Bali next month, probably the biggest hippy island in the world. I even want to check into a yoga centre and bike around the dunes in a long skirt and headscarf.

Kush got mixed reviews but I guess they’re still trying to find their feet (the interior – while boring, is tranquil and welcoming – so let’s give it more time, people.) Wagas is always there, on more and more Shanghai corners now, standing there something like a healthy answer to the ever-so-packed KFC. Well, I’d forgive all to Baker and Spice, who make the best raspberry-chocolate tart I’ve ever sinned with in my life. So good it made me forget I used to have to go harvest those delicate red bastardos every year in those soaring summer heats.

I guess, in the city of color and lights, these guys want to make a statement, by resembling in their interior to a fresh courgette cream-soup. Well, deffo seems relaxing but I’d still go in if you had neon lights, listing the various root and twig and leaf drinks. Be brave, salad people, and put some color on the walls!

Check out Origin’s video, nice stuff!

Kush at Jingan Temple (the other 3 can be checked on their website)

Open 11am-10pm daily

Telephone 5175 9822

Address in E: 98 Yanping Lu, near Wuding Lu

Address in Ch: 静安区严苹路98号, 近武定路

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