Durian – Nature’s Answer to Smelly Feet

Singapore’s relationship to Durian fruit deffo has a marmite factor to it: they go as far as banning it from their trains, and they also have a prominent theatre-concert hall modeled after this spiky weirdo. China doesn’t go so strong for nor against it, but sure you can find this everywhere around you go and Chinese Traditional Medicine has some long history about  it, too. Beware, they don’t recommend it to pregnant women and people suffering from high blood pressure – I guess by tasting it the shock would boost your heart rate, anyway.

I was introduced to it last year by my, thank God now former, Singaporean boss who’d warned me to be precautious before tasting it. Well, he forgot to tell me it’s considered harmful when consumed with coffee – no wonder I had some tantrums in those classes.

Last week, as a kind of end of the year decluttering of my flat, I collected all the random Durian hard candies in a bag and gave it to the blind erhu player on the way to the subway. He either likes it or has survived the experience as I still see him, sitting and playing just off the Carrefour exit everyday, ever since.

Needles to say, people’s strong reactions against it does not stop greengrocers selling these ghastly beasts that happen to emit the pungent stink even through the husk. People went as far as creating Durian ice-cream. I wonder when it will appear in a Godzilla remake.

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