Variations for Neck Brace

Not as sexy as a neck corset but more useful for the granny I’ve resembled in the last few days. No worries, I was not involved in any accidents nor did I injure my spine. But having slept with 2 pillows and stressing about jobs, breakups, trending hair styles and holiday season homesickness have all taken a toll on my nerves, I guess.

(Btw, description of a Chinese hospital’s coming soon! Well, as soon as I’ve gathered my fuzzy memories about it. (again, worry not, amigos, my memory is more sanded over by the muscle relaxants I’ve been taking in the last few days).

Anyhoo, since I cannot go anywhere and been bed-bound in the last 48 hours, I thought I amused myself with my snazzy new PS program. To be honest, not only to pay tribute to my chromophilia but also to spot-brush my entire face that’s once more been rebelling against local canteen food.

Ooh, by the way, Wikipedia’s image of a neuromuscular junction seems, somewhat, just as cheerfully colourful. Timi, you owe me the paparazzi snapshots of Czuczu in his new neck accessory!

Today, my correspondence with Casey, with whom I’m venturing to Langkawi and Bali in 3 weeks, couldn’t have been more expressive. Dear weathermen, fellow Shanghai dwellers, queue cutters and off-bf, I think I need this holiday.

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