Living Costs in Shanghai, 2011. Part I. Flats and Ayis.

Please, note that these prices refer to last year, 2011. Due to China’s rapid inflation and the arrival of more and more foreigners, Ayis know they can set higher prices, so add roughly 10-20% to these numbers for years to follow. Others, i.e. flat, kindergarden etc are more solid figures. Also, just like everywhere, the bigger the apartment, the better deal you get, proportionally. Plus, most flats (other then the central French Concession area between Huaihai Lu and Yan’An lu) are large and it’s generally difficult to find a small place for only one person.

Flat rent – Zhongtan Lu (120 Sq metres, hard wood floor, central heating, nicely furnished, about 20 minutes metro ride from city centre): 7300 RMB/month

Flat rent – Nanjing Xi Lu (30 sq metre studio flat in the heart of the city, with 3 metro lines at walking distance): 3800 RMB/month

Utilities during the summer months: 500 RMB/month

Utilities during the winter months: 1500 RMB/month

Chinese, private kindergarten for 2 kids: 4500 RMB/month

International nurseries/kindergarten for 1 kid: 6000 RMB/month

Part-time Ayi (domestic helper): 18 hours/week: 1500 RMB-t plus 20 RMB extra/hour

Full time Ayi (from Monday to Friday, 9am to 7pm: 2600 RMB/month

Full time Ayi (lives with the family): 3,700 RMB/month

Cleaning Ayi: 15-20 RMB/hour

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