Cafe Dan – Taikan Lu 41

A cafe with the weirdest opening times ever – 10 am to 11.59 pm every day.

Bueno, in the backdoor area of the Tian Zi Fang labyrinth, you can find this tiny, second-floor, coffee shop, which couldn’t quite live up to its fame this afternoon. The drinks seem annoyingly overpriced (45 RMB-55 RMB on average), especially after you taste the snazzy-sounding Ethiopean Super and Dan Special Cafe Latte, which come across as nothing else than a normal Americano and a coffee with milk, respectively.

Our disappointment is not soothed by the historic Shikumen building, either, that looks pretty interesting from the outside, but welcomes you in a coldly lit, aging wooden interior, with soul-splitting, hair (blond) -raising staircases. What made our visit less regrettable perhaps (or more regrettable, actually) was their undeniably scrumptious chocolate cake, which Timi carefully split into mathematically precise halves. (I think I still managed to knick some more off the plate, though).

The owner of Cafe Dan is said to be a retired Japanese Physics professor who channels his energies into the art of coffee making. Well, they had full house today and everyone raves about their drinks, so there’s no need to wish them luck. Instead, I’ll just say good-bye now.

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