Living Costs in Shanghai, 2011. Part II. Eating and Drinking.

Small bottle of mineral water in convenience store: 2 RMB

Milk: 17 RMB/brick (skimmed and semi-skimmed are pricier and harder to find)

Yoghurt: 5-6 RMB/cup (natural yoghurt is hard to find and it costs way more)

Hot Sweet Potato (off street cart): 5-10 RMB 

Can of beer: Asahi : 4 RMB, Heineken 8 RMB

Massive bottle of Chinese Tsingtao Beer: 4RMB

Bottle of Nespresso Cafe Latte: 5 RMB

Tea eggs: 1 RMB

Dove chocolate bar: 8 RMB (the only one resembling Western taste. All others, including Hershey’s, are adjusted to the Chinese taste; resulting in some greasy, heavy, slightly sweet mass)

Starbucks Cafe Latte Tall: 31 RMB. (Raisin scone: 12 RMB)

Happy Lemon Hot Drinks Bar: Large cup of Hong Dou Nai Cha (Hot Soy Milk with floating red beans): 8 RMB

Subway Sandwich, Small Chicken Teriyaki: 23 RMB

Element Fresh lunch (no drink incl): 100 RMB (big portions of Fresh, Western-style dishes)

Chinese restaurant lunch: 5 RMB (dumplings) to 40 RMB (soup and a side dish of noodles or rice with meat)

Bottle of decent wine at Marks and Spencer (Nanjing Xi Lu): 69 RMB-200 RMB

Cocktail at Melting Pot: 35 RMB

Glass of red wine at Glamour: 55 RMB

Glass of draft Vedett at Kaiba: 45 RMB 

Packet of Chinese Cigarettes:

Double Happiness: 8 RMB

Packet of fake Marlboro: 15 RMB (not recommended)

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