Living Costs in Shanghai, 2011. Part III. Miscellaneous. (Transport, Studying, Visas, Haircuts etc)

VPN (for using censor-free internet, i.e. blogs, Facebook, Linkedn, Twitter, Google+, imdb, mature): 40 RMB/month

Cinema ticket: 60-80 RMB

Fake DVD off street carts/small shops: 5-15 RMB (more expensive, better quality usually works)

Taxi (up to 3 km): 14 RMB (Jan, 2012: 14 Km cost 48 RMB)

Motorized rickshaws/motorcycles fare: 5 -10 RMB (only for short distances. No meter, price negotiable, be angry if they seem to be overcharging you. In winter ask them to close the plastic foil door for you. Have some small change with you.)

Underground with top-up card: 3-5 RMB per entry (you can transfer as many times as you want)

Bus: 2 RMB 

Electric Scooter: 3,400 RMB plus plenty of courage (incl. super-strong iron security chain. Unless you can find a safe garage where you can always park it, not recommended.)

Haircut at Chinese hunk Bono‘s (Wuding Lu/Jiaozhou Lu. English and French Speaking): 40RMB. Colour: 200 RMB. (Website states lower prices, they need an update)

Haircut+colour at Tony’s (Trained at Tony and Guy’s and works with high-quality German products, Dapu Lu 92): 800 RMB.

Acryllic Nails: (last 2-3 weeks, nails to recover after: one month): 80 RMB (not recommended)

Library membership at 2666 (Open 10 am-10pm daily): 600 RMB per year (recommended)

Library membership at Cervantes: 200 RMB per year (very recommended)

Chinese Language Courses:

Full time (Mo-Fri; 4 x 45 min classes): 16,000 RMB/2 terms

Private Chinese tutorial/classes: 100-150 RMB/hour

Student visa for less than 1 year: 400 RMB (Medical exam + 500 RMB)

Student visa for a year or over: 800 RMB (Medical exam + 500 RMB)

Work visa less than a year: 800 RMB (Medical exam + 700 RMB)

English tutoring: 200-300 RMB/60 min

Gym membership: 2,500 RMB, incl. swimming pool. 2,000 RMB without. (MOB, Xinzha Lu, Shimen Lu)

Chinese Traditonal Medicine: Check-up (“you have fire in your brain“), prescription and brewing of medicinal herbs (ready to drink from small sachets): 400 RMB/weekly treatment (very recommended)

Acupuncture Treatment at Qi Gong Institute (Nanchang Lu/Ruijin Lu): 150-300 RMB/session

Fire Cupping: 100-300 RMB 

Foot massage: 50-100 RMB/hour

Body massage: 50-300 RMB/hour

Blind massage: 45 RMB/45 min (recommended)

Happy-ending massage: 😀  (You’ll tell me.)

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