I’m Dragon

Another year finishes and another series of wishful thinking about happy endings begins. On 23rd January, over a billion Chinese people jumped and waved goodbye to the Metal Rabbit. I had a lot of happy endings. Happy times and then (necessary) endings. Bueno, the only thing never changes is the fact that everything changes, right? And since everything is orbiting in circles, I tend not to take these life’s turns to heart that much any more. The Year of the Rabbit is said to be a productive year. Was so for me!

Now, let’s see what the magic winged-lizard will bring along to the leap year of 2012. It’s already special for me, as I was born in the Year of the Dragon. Guess which one yours truly is out of the 5 elements: Wood, Water, Earth, Metal, and would you believe, Fire Dragon. An angry lion, born with a fire in her head. Or a divine beast, who occasionally loses it.

Well, Chinese folks recommend those who are to spend a year in their sign, they take some precautions, to ward off the various misfortunes awaiting them during this time. My time has come, then. I need to brace up and get myself squeezed into a temple to say a prayer (which during the Spring Festival crowd will be a challenge) and wear red lingerie at all times for 366 (!) days. (Though better start these a month before the New Year celebrations, just in case the dragon gets the date wrong).

Bueno, I’m not into sexy-underwear mood so I bought a red watch (and carefully put the little black watch aside, which I got from Nelly 7 years ago). This will do. Damsel (and, as I undeniably appear at times, in distress) and her little red whining watch.

There’s actually been a few odd things happening lately, maybe already some signs of the changing of years:

–       I’m starting to like the colour gold. (sign of dragon. Or my colour taste is just assimilating to my hair, I guess)

–       I haven’t been able to find a decent photo of Madonna’s golden tooth in the 90s

–       I see so many pregnant girls around me (The year of the Dragon is said to be a very lucky one to be born in, so good timing, chicks! Gonna be a pricey baby boom, though)

–       I think I am a man. I associate with savage beasts and male heroes all the time. Plus sometimes start sentences with: “If I were a king of the country.”

So, the royal, mystical guard and the fierce, punk Dragon. The only odd one out in the list of 12. Panda never made it, was too busy munching bamboo or learning Kung Fu, while the others were dashing to see the Jade Emperor.

In Western tradition associated with evil and the virgin kidnapper, another of the White Man’s burden who gallops elegantly on a horse and has this fixation of slaying the poor reptile. (in return, he is granted the virgin, who’d naturally never object).

In pop culture, you see Harry’s Hungarian Horntail, the one considered to be the most dangerous dragon ever, the “macho macho dragon that was transported from Romania” (Yes, yes, Potter’s Politically Correct gimmicks)

The oriental dragons in eastern culture is a benevolent magician, symbolising wisdom and power. Contrary to their Western cousins, they are wise and helpful and bring you luck. No wonder I’ve moved to this part of the world!

Happy Year of the Water Dragon, may it cool all our fires!

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