Chinese New Year Celebration at my School

Here are some pictures I took 2 weeks ago, when my school staff said good-bye to the old year and left for their annual break for a week or two. The amazing thing was that these are people I see every day, working in the canteens, teach math or P.E. or handle files in the principal’s office. Besides, and this corresponds to the general idea of harmonious collectivism, every single one of them took part in some sort of performance. They wanted me to do some dancing, too, but I guess they forgave me for opting out as I was asked on rather short notice (about an hour before the whole thing started).

The close-up on me is supposed to show me eating some nasty cream cake with chopsticks. I was the only foreign teacher present and I felt they simultaneously: politely left me alone and made sure I’m not left out, either. Every hour the school management group went around all the tables and we had to stand up and cheer with them for the happy new year. (making sure my glass was lower than theirs when they clinked, as it’s considered arrogant otherwise).

I genuinely enjoyed the entire evening and I love my colleagues. Thank you, guys and remember what designer Bill Blass said: Red is the ultimate cure for sadness!

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