Sunflour Bakery and Café – Anfu lu

Some call them ¨the serious rival¨ of Baker and Spice. Well, since this latter, all of a sudden, decided to shaft the best raspberry-chocolate tart ever, I haven´t quite been a regular. So, here is Sunflour, their cheeky neighbour just some 5-minute walk away, where, apart from the pro coffees and juices, the range of baked good is also impressive. Staff is nice, plus speak English and while the interior can´t really seem to catch the relaxing organic atmosphere, the space is bigger, cosy and welcoming. Their biggest advantage, comparing to Baker and Spice, is that they are at the more tranquil end of Anfu, where the few tables outside are also less distracted by pedestrians. (On the other hand, B and S put some stools in front of their shop, which looks sweet and hippie and romantic, but they block the entire width of the pavement, curbing thus all outdoor-enthusiasm really).

An additional thumbs-up for saving us from any Van Gogh images, which would be too cheap, really. Well, all in all, Sunflour is very bakery, and have easily put itself on my list of venues for some serious caffeine and carb-worship.

Try the blueberry Danish and pick up a savoury Olive Focaccia (12 rmb) to go with your evening salad at home and enjoy your walk back to the metro on luberly Anfu road, under the leafless trees and old one story houses.

Contact: 021 647 3777 57 (Anfu). 021 202 8777 57 (Lujiazui)

322 Anfu lu. Metro Changshu Lu (Line 1 and 7, exit 8)

Pudong Shop: B109, 1318 LuJiaZui Rd

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