Shanghai’s Pet Craze Part I. And Yoga for Dogs

I’m invited to the annual Dog Clothes Sales this Saturday. My friend, one of the organisers, knows I’ve been taking pictures and done some research on the topic of the Shanghainese pet-craze so this will be the perfect opportunity: seeing the long queue of ladies, as if desperate for a new iPhone 4S or for a massive Dior sale, waiting impatiently for the doors to open so that they can begin browsing the trendy doggy items.

Last week btw, when I popped into my favourite DVD store, I spotted: Yoga for Dogs and, until I came home and checked some products online, I’d thought it was a joke! (My friend Julia recently wrote an article about the dangers of yoga for humans, I wonder if it poses such harm to Marmadukes, too)

Well, looking forward to Saturday, I’ll be there for the gate opening!

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