Teppanyaki of the Day – Yakiniku at Century Avenue

A friend of mine’s visiting from Chengdu this week and last night he took me to this barbecue place called Yakiniku (烤肉达人), meaning “grilled meat” in Japanese.

I pass by this mega-intersection on a daily basis and at last I’ve learnt there’s some other dimension out there than the numerous subway exits to the 4 crossing lines and the massive construction site with their daunting iron cranes!

Finally, a mainland Chinese friend, besides being a fan of Habermas, has a proper VPN connection in China, so he’ll actually see this post!

The 3 reasons why I think this is the best Teppanyaki I’ve been in Shanghai so far:

They have perfectly cut, good-quality meat. The atmosphere of the restaurant, while it’s quite elegant, is surprisingly homey. (More about this in a minute.)

Prices are friendly – for the 2 of us  (3 plates of beef, marinated chicken and a vegetable bowl) the bill came up to 120 RMB (roughly 14 EUR)

Finally, as I mentioned, Century Avenue does not come across as a fainted concrete giant, with scarce trees (and cranes, of course) on his balding head and roads as his limbs, going every possible direction.

More on the photo here.

Plaza 96, No 796 Dongfang Lu

Tel: (book in advance; there was a long queue): 021-61590-136

To my great surprise, while I was busy sending down some self-grilled nutrition, all of a sudden I heard, I couldn’t believe my ears, Yonderboi from the speakers. Not only they have nice service, they have good musical taste, too!

To conclude, here goes a slice of Lacika for everyone. Enjoy!

Thanks for the night and the first philosophical talk in a long time, Zhushu!

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