My Most Bizarre Hel-loo. I Wish I Could Tell You More Poetically

School life trough the looking glass

Good morning, teacher. – she says to me, half sleepy, half smiling.

Err…hello. –  I’m afraid I know where her voice’s coming from. I look aside and I turn around to flush the toilet.

School loos in China are designed in a way that people can see each other in the cubicles from above the shoulder line. Some older constructions do not even have individual basins but one long trough-(!)-like canal which runs parallel the entire wall, with one string at the very end to flush the entire thing down from time to time. When someone remembers. The most enthusiastic students shout from 2-3 cubicles away, too. Andie laoshi! Laoshi, hao! Sometimes, depending on how awake I am, I wonder if this sort of privacy-sharing is surreal or so just damn natural. It’s true, I never tend to blush anymore and always reply in a decent manner, compared to my vague, giggling embarrassment at the beginning of the first term.

No photo, sure you understand.

P.S. This blog entry was actually written after the frustrating moment of just having lost a 900-word article to cyberspace. Right before hitting the publish button this morning the entire thing blew away, and took with it some reflections I made on a book. Well, shit happens. 

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One Response to My Most Bizarre Hel-loo. I Wish I Could Tell You More Poetically

  1. craneleeon says:

    LOL, now I’m wondering where were u when u writing that 900-words article?

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