Movie of the Day – Kora

First, I’d like to dedicate this piece to 2 biking fans: Pedro, one of my closest friends and B. Tamas, one of his closest friends, who I haven’t yet met in person.

Second, I was initially put off by its title, Kora, because it sounds like a supermarket in my country! Ridiculous as it sounds, I just know not many of you would want to go see a blockbuster called Walmart. Carrefour in 3D, anyone? One day though, I saw it on the way home on a street seller’s cart and I gave it a shot (and 5 kuai). I think it’s my new favourite movie now. Perhaps partly because my mind can so do with the bit of tranquility the stunning images provide, at this Spring time of OMG-I-Miss-Everyone-Plus-I’m-Single and I-Watch_Way-Too-Much-TV madness.

Bueno. The movie starts out in Taiwan: a guy’s older brother dies in a bike accident on the way to Tibet. He, the younger one, decides – right after nicking from his brother’s coffin his diary about the unfinished journey – to cycle from Yunnan to Lhasa and go all the way up to the Himalayas.

With no previous training whatsoever, he obviously struggles, mentally, emotionally, physically and of course nearly dies a couple of times. At one point it even gets creepy with him hallucinating alone in the forest, which might seem as quite a concoction of the Blair Witch Project, Harry Potter, Alive and Into the Wild, but he gets out of it and the flow of the incredibly beautiful Tibetan mountain view resumes.

I hope you’ll be able to track this movie down outside of China and I also hope one day I’ll see those landscapes, too – not from a bike, no no no.

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One Response to Movie of the Day – Kora

  1. Pedro says:

    ShanghaiBabe forever..!!!! :):)

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