Shanghai Easter

The two reasons I love Shanghai for is that I constantly find myself floating in this crowded chaos, where many of us often just stop, shrug and wink “Well, it’s China” and it’s also a place that makes me experience the kaleidoscopic flowing of events in which practically anything can happen at any given moment. In yesterday’s entry I talked about Easter and how short a distance my Christian (or rather Western-pagan) celebrations go in this country. Since, as I explained it to Crane, my Chinese friend: Easter bunny and painted eggs for Easter are what Santa Claus and the Christmas tree are for Christmas. (Correct me if I’m wrong but who would talk about the crucifix, resurrection or Bethlehem nowadays?). Anyhoo, it hasn’t even occurred to me that it was this time of year until someone mentioned it a few days ago! Yeah, Hallmark cards don’t travel this far.

Anyhoo, yesterday. Right after hitting the publish button, I flung out of the door and met up with friends for lunch. They wanted to show me a new area of town at JiaShan Market, which obviously caters to foreigners who will probably, sooner than later I’m afraid, will invade the whole thing. Currently it’s still accessible, spacious even and tranquil. Before Jonathan snaps, let me say I have no intention to expand this post into any restaurant review now, but let me just say you should deffo try eco-friendly Melange Oasis with their corner of gigantic bean-bags, only after you’ve taken a short trip to a little organic farmland on their roof terrace.

We had an elaborate brunch, sneaking out of the place occasionally to check how far the ladies got with their egg-in-the-nest deco and how many new pets have arrived while we were eating inside. There were some pretty birds, gawking and screaming Ni Hao with some superb articulation, a kitten on a balcony and a few giant rabbits who were eating, for free, the same eco-leaf-veggie stuff we paid loads for inside!

It was a lovely afternoon, Eastery and cosy so a big hug goes out to everyone who was there. And a special thanks to Dodge, who took all these pictures and kindly allowed me to post them here.

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