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To Guilin!

I’m off to Guilin and Yangshuo (South-West of China, towards the Vietnamese border) this evening, see you guys next week! Advertisements

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What’s Hiding

Back in Budapest, many many years ago, legend had it that there was a “dummy floor” in my uni dorm building, inaccessible by the elevator and common folks, reserved only for cables and wires and god knows what. I’m in … Continue reading

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Free Pinyin Lesson

See my point? I first smiled at this, especially at the idea of contrast of how the two instructions were handled, but then I fell for it – whereas I still have no idea what they are asking here, I, … Continue reading

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Pork Pie, Scary Clown and Open Air

Some of you have asked me recently to write more about my life so that you can imagine how I really live here. Well, here goes one on a special day of mine. First, guess what I had for dinner … Continue reading

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Popping the Question

To me? Light years from it. It was someone else’s fresh prince, in designer glasses and a white low-neck, arriving in a white, many-a-horse-power BMW sport, proposing to the apple of his eye. (He parked his pride super near the … Continue reading

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Similar to My MindMap

I just found this and love the whole site.

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When You’re Angry and You Want to Show it

Clap you hands! Jee I think I now see my angry eyes. You know, some usual rhapsodies, nothing out of the ordinary, just one of those days when my bad hair day coincides with my peers’ bad hair day and … Continue reading

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