Bird in a Neighbourhood

Dumb as it sounds, I couldn’t make out what kind of bird it was: it looked like a cross between a falcon and an owl. Dzseee, I need to dig out my glasses from my clutter.(Ornithologist Gombar, help me out here if you read this).

Anyway, I was on my way to meet a friend at a cafe in Jing An Villas when I saw this small group gathering watching the bird up there on the scaffolding. And, you know, this is a typical scene here. No matter rain or what, anything out of the ordinary (minor/major traffic accidents, women street fighting over something or in this case a birdie that lost its way) can draw the attention to many who seem to love engaging in lengthy conversations about any happenings. And again, Shanghai gets a sort of a village feeling to it! Please, note the character in the blue PJ – as much as Shanghai’s progressive folks are trying to get rid of the habit of their residents walking around in their bed garments, some still take pride in this: since it shows that they did not have to go to work that day (thus financially stable enough to afford a day off on a Sunday.)

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4 Responses to Bird in a Neighbourhood

  1. annajansso says:

    Stories like this are my favorite- just everyday funny things that happen. I can’t imagine a commotion like that over a bird anywhere else! Love it.

  2. Bakos Anita says:

    I was trying to leave a comment for several times, but it never lets me. So I keep it short in case it’s lost. It is nice that somewhere in a big city people come together to discuss an event. I don’t even know my neighbours. We don’t have things like that. People in Sanghaj are more outgoing than people in the 2nd district of Bp.

  3. Bakos Anita says:

    Wow, it posted my comment.

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