How to Score an Hour-Long, Free Chinese Conversation Lesson

Upon leaving your apartment, leave your keys behind. Go and prance about nonchalantly and enjoy the evening as nothing’d happened. Realise the blunder only when you try to get back in at 11 pm, feeling slightly dizzy from fatigue and the lingering pain from an earlier acupuncture boogie. Go down to the ground floor, shoe gazing in embarrassment, talk to sec guard 1, then sec guard 2. Repetition is a good thing. When they call the handy man, forget to mention that the same thing happened to you a few months back so the spare key they might have from earlier than that will not do. Go back, the four of you, to the entrance of your place then just stare, alternating between that stubborn-looking lock and the three equally drowsy chaps, and just keep them entertained (and awake) with your fascinating Chinese-for-dummies skills while they change the entire lock for you.

Picture source.

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2 Responses to How to Score an Hour-Long, Free Chinese Conversation Lesson

  1. craneleeon says:

    Poor Andi! But at least, you don’t have to ask your neighbour for let you use his balcony to get into your apartment.

  2. haha, yes, that would be something; I live on the 12th floor! I’m exhausted today – but at least my Chinese got better!

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