This Is Not Funny

On the way to my student’s house yesterday, I noticed the taxi driver went to sleep each time we stopped at traffic lights. He was even snoring, louder each time we got a red light! Before I got out, I told him, with unveiled anger in my voice, if he needed to sleep now, he just casually answered that he wanted a break. Bffff. Power napping security guards, students, workmates, shop assistants at the counters, waiters at the neighboring tables, boyfriend at some inappropriate moments, fine, who cares, but a driver?! I guess, since this is not that much of a boozing culture, the police could come up with an alternative to prevent DUI of fatigue.

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3 Responses to This Is Not Funny

  1. craneleeon says:

    I hope he didn’t get anyone killed…. -_-|||

  2. Jonathan Lau says:

    Holy shit that’s crazy!

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