Popping the Question

To me? Light years from it. It was someone else’s fresh prince, in designer glasses and a white low-neck, arriving in a white, many-a-horse-power BMW sport, proposing to the apple of his eye. (He parked his pride super near the candle-lit rose-petal heart to provide some romantic soundtrack by dunno boy band.)

This is the largest and most famous residential compound in Shanghai, counting roughly 100,000 people in it, where many a strange things can and will happen on a daily basis. Unexpected, magical and chaotic occurrences that leave a lasting memory of  impressions and keep playing on your senses. Like falling trash from a 22nd-floor window, Chinese Christians sharing food for charity or you just need to cross through the pungent steam of stinky tofu far and about the street vendors. I teach 3 girls in a cafe Friday evenings and while having the class yesterday, at one point they suddenly grabbed my arm and dragged me outside to see this.

The whole thing took about 20 minutes but while people, blush-blush, including me!, were anxiously waiting for the bride-to-be to come down from her flat, tension was growing, with one of the excited spectators falling into the fountain where everyone was watching the show from. It was a wee bit tacky and it’s still surprising to see locals kiss each other on the lips in public, but well, cynicism there or not, I liked the flower-crackers that blew up hundreds of rose petals in the air, the little kids helpfully lighting up some of the candles and the groom-to-be was accompanied by some seriously handsome wingmen in the crowd. Plus, I’ll give my iPhone a pat on the back for taking some quite decent photos in such darkness.

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2 Responses to Popping the Question

  1. annajansso says:

    Aww that’s quite cute. I wonder if he saw it in a film? Haha

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