Free Pinyin Lesson

See my point? I first smiled at this, especially at the idea of contrast of how the two instructions were handled, but then I fell for it – whereas I still have no idea what they are asking here, I, more-or-less, get to learn the pronunciation of the characters (pity they don’t come with the tone mark, too). Same idea with the street signs, worth staring at them while waiting at the traffic lights! Thank you, people!

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3 Responses to Free Pinyin Lesson

  1. Manyi says:

    Haha, ez nagyon vicces. Az egyik “nemzetközi” jel, mig a kérjük ne köpködjenek csak kinaiul van.

  2. Manyi says:

    találtam pár vicces oldalt, hogy mi van akkor, ha megpróbálják leforditani. “No spotting”

  3. Manyi says:

    Oke, esküszöm, hogy mindjárt leállok, de a Miki egeres Kérjük ne köpködjenek jel is nagyon jó

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