Pork Pie, Scary Clown and Open Air

Some of you have asked me recently to write more about my life so that you can imagine how I really live here. Well, here goes one on a special day of mine. First, guess what I had for dinner last night. English Pork Pie and red wine! Ah, the simple pleasures of life. (Diet starts tomorrow – read the sticker on the paper bag.) It didn’t look that good, yet tasted all the better, so no picture of that.

My student’s school, Dulwich Int. Shanghai, organized their first ever foundation day yesterday and her family invited me to join them and spend the afternoon there together. These guys actually feel like my family here, since they are some of the friendliest and most welcoming people I’ve ever met. I had a great time, enjoyed watching the school junior fencing, the Scottish dance and even the skinny scary clown who bobbed up every now and then in the crowd. His rubber mask had some creepy fake teeth on it that were hanging over the little guy’s real teeth. Dared not take a close up of that! On the way out, we bought some British delight made by the school staff and sold by a hunky volunteer at the exit. Before I searched for a cab, I managed to spot a wine store at a corner and got a bottle to accompany the porkie later back home. (I couldn’t help but wonder about yet another multiculti experience – as a Hun chick, I was sipping some great Aussie wine, eating English pork pie, followed by a Japanese cigarette, while overlooking the Shanghai skyline from my window.)

More my stuff coming up soon, promise. Going to Guilin and Yangshuo tomorrow (close to the Vietnamese border) so more on that later, too.

Be good and be inspired!

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One Response to Pork Pie, Scary Clown and Open Air

  1. craneleeon says:

    I think I did see same clown in a scary movie… -_-|||

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