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Conversation with an 8-year old

Today’s conversation with an 8-year old student of mine: A: How old are you? S: I’m fine, thank you. A: When were you born? S: I was born on 6th remember. A: What instrument do you play? S: I play … Continue reading

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Put My Foot In It

I couldn’t help myself but, while trying decide between a childish giggle and a pretentious smirk, I spontaneously gave some advice to two people at my school today. One was a young student of mine, one of the 630 little … Continue reading

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Ikea Still Life

This is just an instant of a thriving national habit, you know. And I’m an avid fan of this: in China, it’s totally ok to get your take-away sandwich/cake/yoghurt and eat it at any other catering establishment. You would never … Continue reading

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Yangshuo (阳朔)

Weatherwise we got quite unlucky since it didn’t stop raining for 4 days but I guess it gave these dramatic landscapes some eerie mystery and ghostly air. T-ai-mee and Ai-ven were both phenomenal travel partners and the accidental 5-hour bike … Continue reading

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Punk Dog in Yangshuo

I’ll upload the Yangshuo (阳朔)pictures soon but let me first share this one with you. Somehow he must have felt he was cool;he never looked sideways, let alone at anyone just stared straight ahead or glanced at the floor, totally … Continue reading

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