Yangshuo (阳朔)

Weatherwise we got quite unlucky since it didn’t stop raining for 4 days but I guess it gave these dramatic landscapes some eerie mystery and ghostly air. T-ai-mee and Ai-ven were both phenomenal travel partners and the accidental 5-hour bike trip (while in full-on disco outfits, we were in total lack of food and water whatsoever) was deffo the highlight of our trip. Once there, try the mango yoghurt – or, basically, anything that starts/ends with the word. I ended up having 3 cups a day and only out of decency did I decide to stop after the third. You can buy them fresh off the floating bamboo raft market that ambushes the ferry at some point, with the poor guy trying the find his balance with the help of oranges and mangos in his hands.

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