Conversation with an 8-year old

Today’s conversation with an 8-year old student of mine:

A: How old are you?
S: I’m fine, thank you.
A: When were you born?
S: I was born on 6th remember.
A: What instrument do you play?
S: I play TV!

God, I’ll miss them. I actually talked to my supervisor after class if somehow they would let me keep one or two of my primary school groups from next September. I’m transferring to the high school section but I’ll only be a few corridors away, so it’s their call! And another lesson I’ve learned today: never ever should I announce, let alone while pulling a genuinely sad face, to my little ones that they won’t see me next term. Heartbreaking!

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One Response to Conversation with an 8-year old

  1. 🙂 That is just Soooo sweet! Love ya :)!

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