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Zhu Shu Poem – “如果十年 – If Ten Years”

Here goes a poem by a friend of mine in Chengdu. An incredibly talented young artist both in written and graphic forms who, for his age (24), reaches some great depths to map out feelings and metaphorical images. I remember … Continue reading

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Teacher, You Look Like Lady Gaga!

I wish I had the capacity to write a diary of my students’ daily comments which crack me up, really. Well, I’ll post some every now and then but now I just want to express my utmost gratitude for my … Continue reading

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Greetings From Xian

I had a few days off between the end of the school term and the starting of a summer course so I decided to travel to Xian for 3 days. Alone. And I loved it! I’d originally planned to carry … Continue reading

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Morning Dance Shanghai

Now, this is an everyday sight in China and is one of the reasons why I might want to grow old in this country. Or at least come back and retire here. The city’s elderly, instead of watching telly all … Continue reading

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Finally! A Decent Subway Map of Shanghai

I’ve been looking, in vain, at official sites forever now and just a minute ago I stumbled on this one. (I was actually browsing for Douglas Adams books, which I didn’t find but this map at least provides some solace … Continue reading

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