Morning Dance Shanghai

Now, this is an everyday sight in China and is one of the reasons why I might want to grow old in this country. Or at least come back and retire here. The city’s elderly, instead of watching telly all day long in voluntary or less voluntary solitary confinement, they spend some huge amount of time outdoors, socializing, playing mahjong, resting in some Tai Chi position,  dancing with their residential complex fellows or they simply walk backwards (supposed to help your sense of balance) or hug trees (supposed to be good for your joints and energy, called “qi”s). The best thing is that’s it’s totally free so no excuse for slacking off and indulge in the shoe-gazing blues.

Please, note the blue sky in the background. You see, that is a rare event here!

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2 Responses to Morning Dance Shanghai

  1. annajansso says:

    Lovely post but don’t grow old there! Come back to us!

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