Teacher, You Look Like Lady Gaga!

I wish I had the capacity to write a diary of my students’ daily comments which crack me up, really. Well, I’ll post some every now and then but now I just want to express my utmost gratitude for my school tolerating such deviance at work. I’d never had gotten away with such outfit and hair-hue before.

Let me also share with you that this hairstyle below is a direct result of a mere misunderstanding. With all due respect, we in Europe just as well struggle with distinguishing Asians as they when it comes to dealing with white people. (Some of you will hiss at reading this but please excuse my taking the liberty to use skin colours to refer to people. Any hint of racism is unintended.) So, we get confused on both sides. It’s one thing to learn how to recognise different Asian features, like that of Vietnamese, Chinese or Japanese people, and another to differentiate the people around you. I first needed some time to learn some typical facial traits. Anyhoo. My hairdo. I usually go and have a haircut together with Timie, to the same guy, Tony, who we met last year. I love the way he works, the products he uses and the 2-3 hour conversation class we have in the meantime. I’ve been a loyal customer for a long while now, and counting! Whatever happened a few weeks ago. I went alone and he probably got me confused with my bleach-blondie-friendie-Timie, thus the much wilder babychick-blonde (which, I mean 鸡 ji, actually, also translates as prostitute in Chinese, by the way).

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