Zhu Shu Poem – “如果十年 – If Ten Years”

Here goes a poem by a friend of mine in Chengdu. An incredibly talented young artist both in written and graphic forms who, for his age (24), reaches some great depths to map out feelings and metaphorical images. I remember a conversation with him, while sitting in a cafe on a cold winter Sunday, he was explaining why he feels like a hundred-year old sometimes. One of the most memorable talks I’ve ever heard coming from such a young chap!

Many thanks, Zhu Shu and the best of luck for your future projects!

(See the poem below, courtesy of poet Zhu Shu)


如果十年,我在哪里,或许流浪,在世界的那头;如果十年,我是 谁,或许一位父亲,在厨房里做着色拉;如果十年,我在干什麽,或 许依旧对着窗台发呆,用着十年里不变的神态。

我曾经思考如何去借用一段人生,用一种能够让人依然无怨无悔的方 式,去爱、去恨、甚至去沉湎,用着捧在手心里的温度。但是如果十 年,我会看到我曾经爱过的人,我会想起爱我的人,我会开始习惯把 自己放在爱和被爱的一线之间······

我试图心甘情愿地穿过人生的很多问号,把自己停留在那一年的等待 里,去发现、去明白、甚至去悲哀,用着每一段故事的情节。但是如 果十年,我会看到你们两鬓斑白,我会感到四季不再无常,我会开始 习惯在一个个电闪雷鸣中讲述故事······

用飘忽中的昏暗为自己编写一段旋律,如果十年,我会继续——在角 落里看着沙哑的黎明。就当酒醉后的寓言,在如果十年里的喃喃自语 .

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